Release your negative triggers

An interactive, live, online workshop. Only £12

Saturday 23rd May 2020 2pm-5pm, UK Time

We can be surrounded by things that remind us of great experiences and amazing times and

the same can also be true for negative times and experiences.

It's worth considering whether you:

Find yourself being triggered by images, phrases, people or your internal language?

Get frustrated or angry at something/someone and end up in a negative spiral or thought pattern?

Find yourself avoiding people or situations so that you don't feel upset?

Have self-destructive or counter-productive behaviours?

Knowing that you have these negative triggers... something that creates a less than ideal emotional state within yourself is the first stage of taking control and changing this.

Your triggers can really affect your mental health and you can consciously or unconsciously end up avoiding or even isolating yourself in order to avoid feeling triggered.

Take the opportunity to participate in this 3-hour interactive and content filled training to release your negative triggers

Join award winning NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainers Jo Wilson and Andy Coley for this interactive, thought-provoking and powerful online training where you will:


Get insight into how your negative triggers were formed


Understand why they may have been useful to you at an unconscious level


Be facilitated through power NLP based techniques that will allow you to shift those negative triggers


Learn powerful strategies to retrain your unhelpful thought patterns

This is a fully interactive session with plenty of time for Q&A in which we will educate you about how the triggers were formed, why they may have been important in the past and how to let them go, now.

"It was excellent, really practical and tools I could start using immediately Thank you so much"

Sue, April 2020 (Virtual 'control your critical inner voice' workshop)

“The session was seamlessly streamed with small break out rooms each with our own coach in them, and we also had lots of interaction with Jo and Andy in the larger group sessions, I was amazed how my experience actually went deeper than in a normal live workshop, with all the extra distractions of travel and going out for lunch breaks. The workshop was very well prepared, and I found all of the content really useful and immediately accessible. Thanks so much Jo and Andy! xxx”

Hari Ma , March 2020

Stop your negative triggers and reclaim back the power to think and act differently in the future. It's time to let go

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